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Since that time we have introduced a lot of small improvements into the design, but we did not feel that there was a need to rename the model since the general look and feel of the model remained the same. Instead of renaming the model we decided to keep the familiar name and continue improving the performance. In a new revision has been done to the wing of TabooGT. The new airfoils have been tested in contests in and wings have been already supplied to several customers.

The response has been positive.

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The model now has a slightly wider speed range. The minimum speed has not changed appreciably, while the performance at higher speed has been markedly improved. The model also launches slightly higher now.

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The spar has been moved forward to the point of the maximum thickness, such that the servos now must be installed behind the spar. This servo location reduces the linkage length and improves cointrol system stiffness.

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You can buy this on Amazon and most Automotive shops. This stuff is amazing at dealing with both types of models.


Next you want a plastic cup of some sort or just any container that you know wont be used by other members of your household. Grab a pair of gloves and please use them! Keeping your hands free of irritants is well worth it.

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Finally, you want and old tooth brush and in some cases a stainless steel brush can be helpful. Yeah, you have to toughen up and remember your models are very durable. They are soaking in strong chemicals and as long as you dont dig into them with the steel brush as hard as you can they will be fine.

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The final tool in my arsenal is an Ultra Sonic Cleaner. This part of the process I view optional but I do find it saves me time and energy when it comes to taking paint of models. You can also use it to clean your jewelry and all sorts of other things. The tools of the trade.

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  • Seriously, wear some gloves and keep the skin on your hands. So, lets begin with the a formula. Put the models in your cup and make sure there is enough room to fill it and fully submerge the models inside.

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    You want to let the models soak for at least 24 hours. Metal models are far easier to remove paint off than plastic ones while at the same time they are also able to soak in this chemical for as long as you want. I personally find 24 hours to be enough for metal miniatures and 48 hours to be my going time for plastic. After the requisite time has passed its time to put on some gloves and safely remove your models from the mixture. If you bought yourself an ultra sonic, I like to use the screen insert it comes with to strain the models out of the liquid. Visit emeraldpublishing. Abstract Purpose Drawing on the anthropological literature, this paper aims to develop a model of taboos morality that applies to the marketing, consumer behaviour and consumption contexts. Please note you might not have access to this content. You may be able to access this content by login via Shibboleth, Open Athens or with your Emerald account. If you would like to contact us about accessing this content, click the button and fill out the form.