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Eddie Campbell was born and raised in Los Angeles.

His background is in art direction for both TV and film, creative direction, and graphic design. Eddie Campbell.

Sourcebooks, Inc. For everyone who can empathize and knows what it's like to be on at lease one crappy date, this book is for you.

44 horrible dates

For everyone who wants that dinner back or sat through a boring, horrible movie only to determine that the person you were with was a complete and utter tsunami, this book is for you. The First Date. A Word of Warning. What I have to tell you in this book will seem almost unreal.

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But you are going to have to keep reminding yourself that these are actual real dates. For everyone else, buckle your seat belt and turn off your phone, because a massive car wreck is about to begin. I like this book because it is easy to move from one story to another. Short and simple. Sources: Data used to create this ranking were collected from the U.

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ASMRead (Close Up Binaural Whisper) - Date #19: Craig - 44 Horrible Dates

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